Such a strange time. I am grateful to have found the grounding practices of yoga and meditation before this scary and uncertain time, it has truly been a rock every day. With so much pain and suffering in the world, it is easy to get dragged into a whirlwind of negativity and hopelessness. But the state of the world is outside of my control, and outside of yours. We can only control ourself and what is happening inside of us. I am spending these days reflecting over my life, my goals and most of all cultivating gratitude for the small things in life. For waking up, for the sunshine, for breathing, for the flowers, the wind and the sky. For the beauty of life. How lucky we are to be alive. Truly.

Originally posted April 20th 2020

Yesterday was one for the books! I headed downtown with my roommate Monica, to join other models and photographers at the FD Studio. They are starting to host monthly meet-ups, and I am so happy to have found out about them! Not only were there snacks and drinks, but there was also so many creatives! The rooftop was buzzing with people wanting to create, and I am so happy for all of the connections I made yesterday.

Steven, one of the photographers, already got his pictures back to me - and wow! I am so in love with the mood he managed to capture! Another one of the photographers, Victor, had come prepared with a see-through umbrella and fairy-lights, which was perfect for later in the afternoon after the sun had set. I got some cool Brandon Woelfel-style shots - who are we kidding, who doesn't like fairy lights?

I will definitely be back next month for the next meet-up! I can't remember the last time 3 hours flew by that fast.

Updated: Mar 8, 2018

Photo by Alex Miller (@liquidverve)

Hello world!

I am excited to start in this new adventure of blogging. I have been thinking about this for a while - and now that I have some fun adventures ahead of me in the near future I thought it would be the perfect time for me to start a blog to bring you along on the fun!

Now, before the craziness starts, let's talk about me for a second! (I know, typical Millenial-talk, right?) My name is Mari Ørstavik, which I'm guessing you already knew since you're on my website. I grew up in Norway, and after spending the 19 first years of my life there I decided to pack everything up and move to Los Angeles to attend The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. While at The Academy I didn't only learn about acting - I also learned so much about myself. I have grown immensely as a person since coming to LA, and the biggest thing I have learned is how much I NEED to create. If too long goes by without me having a chance to be creative I am so miserable. I've always been a creative kid, but I never realized just how big of a part of my life it is.

After graduating I quickly discovered another form of creating I loved - which is photography and modeling. Capturing a moment and a feeling in a picture feels so incredible, and I have grown so much over the last year learning how to work as a model and working on countless of shoots. I love meeting new people and learning about them and their stories.

I have also been really lucky to become a part of the TGS Collective, which is an amazing collective consisting of photographers, models, musicians, make-up artists, stylists - you name it. Lead by the incredibly inspiring Alex Morehouse, it's a real coming-together of artists of all kinds and I am so happy to have met so many creatives who share the same vision as me. If you want to check out the TGS website, click here.

I am excited to start this blog as a new creative outlet and to take you along on the journeys and shoots I'm going to experience!

If you have any questions or anything you would like for me to blog about - don't be shy to reach out! I am so happy to start this new chapter and to share it with YOU!



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I teach yoga, I pretend to be other people while acting, I love to write and create in general. These days I am spending more and more time behind the camera, exploring storytelling and how stories can change the world we live in.