Short film
Duration: 5 min
Producer: Purple Dragons Collaborative Tales


Two people deal with their lack of connection in very different ways. One is completely stuck in place, while the other has gone far over the edge.

At the sight of each other they do what humans always do - compare, imagine and dream.

Director and co-producer: Mari Ørstavik

Producer: Cristo Rodriguez Borrachero
Screenplay by: Mari Ørstavik
Cinematography: Jon Even Kruger Skogen
Cast: Maria Hojas, Ivan Mathias Petersson, Evelyn Hilleren Finne

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Viken UNG




Short documentary film
Duration: 15 min


2020 brought humans all over the world into a situation no one could have foreseen.

Within weeks country after country went into lockdown.

"Conversations with Friends" portrays how a group of humans communicate during this unique time, across borders and continents.


The original footage in the film is shot all over the world, including: Italy, Kenya, India, New Zealand, Norway, USA, England

Director and producer: Mari Ørstavik

Co-producer: Jon Jerstad v/OsloMet

Dandelion Fields


Short film - In development
Duration: 5 min


"Våryr" explores the feeling of complete enamour when you first fall in love with someone, and life feels brand new. When you are once again like a child, and every second feels like a whole new world opening up. What happens when all the seeds that were planted in this beginning stage, wither?

Director and producer: Mari Ørstavik
Screenplay by: Mari Ørstavik
Cinematography: Simon Matthew Valentine
Cast: Sacha Slengesol Balgobin, Peder Ulven

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