A short film by Mari Ørstavik


Two rooms, two people, two realities, one feeling.

How far can loneliness drive us?

Two people deal with their lack of connection in very different ways. One is completely stuck in place, while the other has gone far over the edge.

At the sight of each other they do what humans always do - compare, imagine and dream.

What reality do they want to live in, and are they prepared to take the steps to get there?

in character

IVAN MATHIAS PETERSSON is a Swedish actor, living between Stockholm and Paris. He is a graduate from the Royal Academy for Theatre Stockholm, and since graduating in 1994 he has acted in projects like "Don't Cry Wolf", "Wallander" and "Beck".


MARIA HOJAS is originally from Santiago, Chile, and now resides in Los Angeles, California. A graduate from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, she is well known for her passion and commitment to her creative ideas and projects.

Maria enjoys acting, writing, dancing, practicing yoga and meditation. She is convinced there is a deep connection between meditation, creativity, acting and life itself: being mindful and vulnerable, she says, is what makes the journey worthwhile and real. 

There are so many stories to be told and Maria believes they should be told with a sense of social and political responsibility.


EVELYN FINNE is an actor, singer and musical theatre performer from Oslo, Norway, with a disturbing weakness for sushi and donuts. She holds a BFA in Musical Theatre Performance from Columbia College Chicago and recent credits include Lucinda in "Into the Woods".

Evelyn is an alumni of Chet Walker's Musical Theatre Dance Program at The School at Jacob's Pillow and New York City's most Broadway-integrated actor training program, The Open Jar Institute, directed by Jeff Whiting.

behind the lens


Mari Ørstavik is a writer, director and actor graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles.Since graduating she has gained invaluable experience both in front of and behind the camera on sets in the USA, England and in Scandinavia.

"Here There's No Mercy", a documentary short film that Mari co-directed, was screened at the Movies on War festival in November 2019.

The short film "Man Made" which she co-wrote with director Frøydis Fossli Moe, and starred in, was nominated for Best International Short at the BFI Future Film Festival 2020 and the Amandus OPEN Award 2019.



Jon-Even Krüger Skogen is a Norwegian cinematographer graduated from Noroff Film School. He is a passionate storyteller who always has a smile up his sleeve.



Cristo Borrachero, originally from Spain, holds a Bachelor in Journalism and a Masters in Film and Television from the UC3M, Spain.

He dreams of the day where all people around the world are treated with respect and kindness, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, culture, environment and health.