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Online classes

The current state of the world is making in-person yoga classes unsafe. However, there has never been a more important time to connect to yourself, your body and your breath. Right now there is a lot of fear present throughout the world. A lot of us are having to deal with social distancing and isolation. Yoga and meditation is not only a great way to pass the time, but it can also be used as tools to feel better about spending time alone, with yourself.

Upcoming classes:

March 31st - 18:00 - Gentle Grounding Flow - Link here

April 1st - 18:30 - Yin Yoga - Link here

"Mari is a true lightbringer both in life and in work. Stop running around, take a deep breath, and LISTEN to what she has to say. I did, and it changed my life."

- Ådne, 28

Who is Mari?

I was introduced to yoga while in Los Angeles, where I was living while I studied acting. After moving back to Norway my practice continued, and quickly became one of the few anchors in my freelance lifestyle that can often mean a lot of uncertainty and stress. Continuing my practice, it didn't take long before I noticed solid differences in my way of thinking and being, even off the mat.


Feeling the benefits that yoga brought me every single day, I jumped on the opportunity to deepen my knowledge, and wanted to do so from the roots of where it came from - and so, I went to India to study. I returned with a burning passion to share what I had learned with others, and that is now my mission.

Being a trained, experienced actor means I have years of being aware of my prescence in the body, and working with emotions. Finding yoga, that really integrates the work with body and soul on multiple levels, and it's wonderful to be able to draw on my experience from my explorations as an actor to be able to break through barriers and help people open up to their emotions.

I am a RYT500hr yoga teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance. In my classes I work to integrate the Indian philosophies and ways of thinking into our daily life, with a lot of focus on mindfulness, self-love, and compassion to ourselves and others.



Private classes is a good way to deepend your practice, no matter if you're experienced or if you've never done yoga before.

- Choose between 60, 75 og 90 - minute classes.

- First class includes a consultation to tailor a practice that's perfect for you.

- Don't have the gear? I'll bring it to you!

Group classes & workshops

Regular classes:

SATS Akersgata
Yin Yoga

16:15 Mondays

SATS Hasle

Yin Yoga

20:05 Wednesdays

Upcoming workshops:

Stay tuned 

things are in the works


- Yoga in the workplace leads to higher productivity and happier employees.

- Different type of classes:
   Seated yoga on chair

   Relaxation + mindfulness
   Soft yoga for stiff office bodies

   Dynamic classes w. a lot of movement

- Choose between 30, 45 og 60 - minute classes.

Get in touch for a non-commital conversation on how we can work together!

I've learned so much about myself through yoga, and it is my hope to be able to help you on your path to a better life. I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you - I hope you want to tag along!

Never hesitate to reach out should you have any questions.


mari.orstavik@hotmail.com  |  Tel: +47 45 85 16 72

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